Protests in Thailand may cause disruptions in local transportation

Thousands of Thai anti-government protesters are marching through Bangkok as part of 3 days of demonstrations leading up to elections on February 2nd. Reports state that protesters are blocking buildings where ballot forms are stored.

Although about 45 countries have issued travel advisories for Thailand, most tourists have not been affected by the protests if they have avoided the protest areas. Traffic or blockages at intersections around Bangkok could cause delays or disruptions to local transportation.

On January 21, the government declared a state of emergency which gives the police or military broader powers to restrict the media, arrest those who are violating rules of the state of emergency, block off parts of the city, etc. So far no curfew has been set. The government has stated that at least 5000 troops and 10,000 police will be stationed in and around Bangkok for security.

Travellers should avoid protest areas or large gatherings of people, and be prepared for possible transportation delays.

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