Rapidly developing cholera epidemic in Yemen

In Yemen, cholera cases in the past month have increased from 11 to more than 2,070 suspected cases this week. Forty-six people have died from the infection. The World Health Organization (WHO) predicts that this epidemic may result in up to 76,000 additional cases across 15 governorates. The infection has spread in 9 cities, including Taiz, Aden, Lahj, Al-Hudaydah, Hjjah, the capital Sanaa, Al-Baida, Dhammar and Ibb.

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Advice For Travellers

All travellers can minimize the risk of exposure to this disease. Strictly observe all food and water precautions in any area where there is cholera. If gastrointestinal symptoms (e.g., vomiting and profuse watery diarrhoea) develop while visiting the affected area, travellers should seek medical care at once.