Respiratory MERS coronavirus outbreak in South Korea may be ending

While there are still sporadic cases of the respiratory illness caused by the MERS coronavirus being reported, only 1 new case has occurred in each of the past 3 days. The patterns of transmission have not changed. People have become infected in one of only four ways:

  • Sharing a room, a ward, or some space in a hospital setting where there was a MERS case (45.1%):
  • Visiting someone in a hospital (35.2%) where there was a MERS cases;
  • Being a health care worker in a hospital (19.7%) where there was a MERS case; or
  • Being in close personal contact, e.g., providing care for a person who is infected with this virus.

Advice For Travellers

The risk of exposure for the general traveller is nil. There is no need to consider cancelling or postponing visits to South Korea.