Risk of sexual assault increasing in India

In India, three men were convicted Tuesday of the gang rape of an American tourist last June (see Sitata alerts, June 5, 2013) in the mountain state of Himachal Pradesh. The victim, a 31 year old woman, was returning to a tourist destination and had sought a ride in their truck.

Female travellers should use caution, especially if travelling alone in India. Women in certain situation may be at high risk of sexual assault. Recent reports of sexual attacks against women in tourist resorts indicate that female travellers should be cautious, even when with a group. Foreign women should respect local dress codes and norms. Avoid isolated areas anywhere at any time of the day or night. Avoid travelling alone on public transport, especially at night. Only take a taxi from hotel taxi queues or pre-paid taxis at airports. If you are being met at the airport by a driver, ask for proper identification.

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