Saudi Arabia: Eighteen people injured in stampede in Mecca

Eighteen people were injured in a stampede on Friday near the Grand Mosque in Mecca.

Advice For Travellers

People attending events where there is a mass gathering of people, such as pilgrimages, religious festivals, concerts, etc., are at risk of being caught in a stampede. Some countries have no legal requirements for managing crowds.

If you are attending a large, crowded event, try to stay on the periphery near exits. Be aware of all the exits to the venue. If you feel tension or a change in the crowd, attempt to leave the area. Keep your hands and arms up and by your chest like a boxer. In a crowd swell, wait for a lull in the movement and move sideways or diagonally to make your way to the periphery and then to an exit. Do not stop to retrieve anything you drop or lose.