Schistosomiasis can be a risk in parts of Tanzania

Schistosomiasis occurs with some frequency in the Kilimanjaro region. The Hai and Rombo Districts reported a total of 1,445 infected people in 2014. The municipalities of Same and Moshi reported 529 and 359 infections, respectively.

Schistosomiasis parasites live in contaminated fresh water, such as rivers or lakes, in subtropical and tropical regions worldwide. An increasing number of tourists are acquiring the disease during eco-tourism and adventure travel. Travellers can reduce the risk of exposure to this infection by avoiding contact with contaminated water while fishing, swimming, bathing, wading, or farming. Avoid consuming food or water that may have been contaminated by human fecal matter.

Visit our Health Library for more information on exposure to and the prevention of Schistosomiasis.

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