Schistosomiasis is a major problem in Sudan

Health officials have estimated that there are approximately 2 million people in the Sudan suffering from schistosomiasis. In the state of North Kordofan, the infection rate approaches 70 percent. A recent survey of schistosomiasis in Southern Kardofan State found that 6.9 percent among the adult population was infected.

Schistosomiasis is usually contracted by people in developing countries through exposure to fecal contaminated water while fishing or farming. However, an increasing number of tourists are acquiring the disease with the increased popularity of eco-tourism and travelling off the beaten track. Travellers can reduce the risk of exposure to this infection by avoiding contact with contaminated water while fishing, swimming, bathing, wading, or farming where fecal waste is discharged into water sources. Avoid consuming food or water that may have been contaminated by human fecal matter.

Visit our Health Library for more information on exposure to and the prevention of Schistosomiasis.

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