Seven-day period of mourning in Chennai State in India

A 7-day period of national mourning begins today (December 6) for the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. Her remains will lie in state at Rajaji Hall in Chennai. The funeral is expected to take place on Marina Beach the evening of December 6. Large crowds are expected in these areas.

Advice For Travellers

Expect heightened security. Public transportation and public services will be disrupted during this period. Avoid any behaviour that could be interpreted as disorderly or disrespectful, and follow local customs. Stores, shops and offices throughout the state are expected to be closed, possibly throughout the mourning period.

Additional police have been deployed for security. To minimize safety risk, always avoid large public gatherings or demonstrations since even peaceful situations can quickly and unexpectedly escalate into violence. Stampedes in crowded areas have sometimes led to fatalities in this country.

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