Sporadic cases of Brucellosis from unpasteurized camel milk in Israel

Since July 12, sporadic cases of brucellosis caused by an infection with a bacteria (called Brucella melitensis) have been traced to consumption of unpasteurized camel milk. Some of the cases were children. The unpasteurized camel milk, which is advertised as potentially having curative/preventive and other attractive qualities, was distributed by an enterprise in central Israel that has since been closed.

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Advice For Travellers

Brucellosis is primarily a disease of cattle and sometimes goats and sheep. Humans become infected by consuming unpasteurized milk or undercooked meat from infected animals. Symptoms include fever, joint and muscle pain and sweating. The duration of the disease can vary from a few weeks to many months or even years. If untreated, the disease can become chronic.

Travellers should avoid consumption of unpasteurized milk and milk products from camels or any other animal source.