Tensions run high in Ukraine

Thousands of people remain in Kiev's Independence Square. Tensions are running high in pro-Russian regions of Ukraine where some are speaking of secession. In the Crimean peninsula, demonstrators, both for and against the new interim government, are clashing in several cities.

Today clashes are occurring in front of the parliament building in Simferopol, with police attempting to keep the two sides apart. Demonstrators are arriving in this city from other pro-Russian areas. Checkpoints have been set up on the main roads leading into Simferopol to prevent possible provocations.

In the city of Sevastopol, about 3,500 people have joined vigilante groups, planning to patrol the streets, along with police, to prevent violence.

Travellers should be well aware of political tensions in this country and consider personal security when travelling about the Ukraine. Avoid public political gatherings and demonstrations.

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