Tick borne encephalitis and Lyme Disease in Vologdskaya oblast, Russia

A total of 18 confirmed and 26 suspected cases of tick borne encephalitis have been reported in Vologda, Sokolsky, Vozhega and Vytegorsky districts. as well as the Verhovazhskom, Gryazovets, and Kharovsk areas. During the same 6 month period, 94 cases of tick borne Lyme disease have also been reported. Both diseases are transmitted by the bite of infected ticks. Wherever possible, travellers should avoid tick habitats such as woods, fields and forests. Daily tick checks and prompt removal of an attached tick will help to reduce the risk of these infections. Vaccination against tick borne encephalitis (only available in Europe) may be considered, especially if itineraries involve extensive hiking and camping in tick habitats. There is no vaccine for Lyme Disease.

Visit our Health Library for more information on exposure to and the prevention of Lyme Disease and Tick-Borne Encephalitis.

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