Tropical Storm Erika brings damaging heavy rains to Caribbean -State of emergency declared for Florida, USA

In Dominica, 20 people were killed and there is substantial damage due to massive rain causing flooding. Puerto Rico is experiencing power outages. A state of emergency has been declared for Florida as a precaution. The storm path is projected to cross Cuba into the Gulf and north along the west coast of the state of Florida, USA.

Advice For Travellers

Tropical Storm Erika has been a “disorganized” storm and difficult to predict.

At this time, the storm is headed for Cuba and Florida. Haiti and the Dominican Republic may get winds of 85 kpm (53mph).

Heavy rains are expected to bring the risk of dangerous mudslides and flooding. Although there is a possibility that the storm will weaken, the U.S. Coast Guard has warned boaters and cargo ships in Key West to prepare for the possibility of sustained gale-force winds within 48 hours.

All travellers in the path of this storm should be cautious and monitor local weather reports where available.