Violence continues in Israel with latest bomb explosion on bus in Tel Aviv

While diplomatic measures are underway to secure a cease fire between Israeli forces and Hamas militants in Gaza, and Israel continues its air strikes against Gaza, a bomb was exploded on a bus in Tel Aviv causing at least 17 injured people, some of whom are in critical condition. Travellers should exercise a high degree of caution in Israel due to the high threat of terrorist attack and the continuing rocket fire between Israel and forces in the Gaza Strip. Attacks could occur at any-time and anywhere in Israel. Travellers should monitor local media and official announcements, as the security situation may change unexpectedly. In the event of a heightened security alert, security forces may respond by establishing additional roadblocks and by increasing the presence of security forces on the streets. Vehicle inspections may also be conducted and there may be heightened scrutiny of individuals and their belongings.
Travellers are strongly advised not to travel to areas around the Gaza Strip in southern Israel due to the high risk of mortar and rocket fire. A number of Israeli cities in the south, including Ashdod (30kms to the north of the Gaza Strip) and Be’er Sheva (40kms to the east of the Gaza Strip) have been struck by rockets fired from the Gaza Strip. Tel Aviv and Jerusalem have now both been targeted by a number of longer range rockets fired from the Gaza Strip.