Weekend protests in Greece

On Friday, farmers from across the country plan to travel to Athens and hold a three-day protest (February 12-14) outside parliament.

Recently Greek farmers have been setting up roadblocks across the country to protest pension reforms.

Over the weekend, the Athens to Thessaloniki national road, the Patras to Korinthos highway and the entrance/exit junctions to the Attiki Odos near Vari will be blocked. Expect blockages at ports and airports.

If the Greek government gives approval, farmers will drive 50 to 100 tractors into Syntagma Square in central Athens on February 12 and 13 February.

Advice For Travellers

Be prepared for road travel disruption. To minimize safety risk, avoid the area around Syntagma Square and any other area of protests or large public gatherings. These situations can unexpectedly and quickly escalate and become violent.

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