Yellow fever cases in Minas Gerais, Brazil - update

The number of people suspected to be infected with yellow fever continues to increase in Minas Gerais. In the last 4 days, the number of suspected cases has increased from 152 to 184. A total of 53 deaths have been registered in the municipalities of Ladainha, Piedade de Caratinga, Ipanema, Malacacheta, Imbé de Minas, Ubaporanga, Sao Sebastiao do Maranhao, Itambacuri, Poté and Setubinha. A large scale vaccination program is planned.

Visit our Health Library for more information on exposure to and the prevention of Yellow Fever.

Advice For Travellers

While many of the cases may be caused by the jungle (sylvatic) form of yellow fever, there is some concern that the virus may have spread to mosquitoes usually found in urban areas. If so, the risk of a significant urban outbreak is greater.

Travellers to areas where there is a risk of exposure to yellow fever can reduce that risk by obtaining a yellow fever vaccination 10 days before travelling. In addition, travellers should take all necessary precautions to avoid mosquito bites. Travellers are reminded that many other countries require proof of yellow fever vaccination upon arrival for all travellers equal to or greater than 9-12 months of age arriving from a country where there is a risk of yellow fever.