Zika virus continues to spread in Brazil

Although the number of reported cases of Zika virus infection remains relatively small, there are still reports of spread in some states. In Mato Grosso, there have been 5 cases in 4 localities: Rondonpolis, Tesouro, Cuiaba, and Varzea Grande.

In Alagoas, 15 cases have been registered in 7 municipalities: Maceio, Mata Grande, Arapiraca, Delmiro Gouveia, Maribondo, and Santana do Ipanema.


Zika virus infection may be difficult to distinguish from dengue fever, since they share some of the same symptoms. Because these viruses are transmitted by the same mosquito that is common throughout most of the country, there is basically no impediment to the further spread of the Zika virus.

Since infection with this virus results in a rather mild flu-like illness, there may be many cases in the community that do not seek medical attention and are not reported to health authorities. Travellers can avoid the inconvenience of this untreatable illness by taking all necessary precautions to avoid mosquito bites.