Earthquake Rattles Disneyland: Rides on Pause

Written by Phalguni Sharma

December 6, 2023


In an unexpected turn of events, the magic at Disneyland in Anaheim, California was momentarily disrupted when a minor earthquake of 3.5-magnitude struck the area on Walt Disney’s birthday, i.e., 5th of December. Visitors were left startled as rides swayed, prompting an evacuation and temporary closure of several attractions. Let’s delve into the details of this seismic incident and explore how Disneyland handled the situation.

Felt like a jolt

Reports from visitors described the earthquake as a sudden jolt, catching many by surprise. The quake, which had its epicenter near Disneyland, sent shockwaves across the park, causing an inordinate amount of activity as both workers and guests dealt with the unexpected vibrations.

disneyland rides hault due to an earthquake in california

Evacuation of Disneyland

Disneyland immediately launched its evacuation procedures in response to the earthquake. Visitors were directed to safe zones, which were located away from structures and attractions that could represent a risk during seismic activity. This proactive strategy aims to reduce potential threats while also ensuring the safety of everyone present.
Disneyland’s well-coordinated response serves as a reminder to everyone to remain calm and obey park officials’ directions. 

What to do in Such Cases?

The incident raises an important question: what should visitors do when faced with such unexpected events? 

Understanding and executing earthquake safety practices can make a big difference in an emergency. Here are some things to remember:

Implement Drop, Cover, and Hold On: Drop to the ground quickly, seek refuge under heavy furniture, and stay down until the tremors subside.

Secure Shelter Indoors, Away from Vulnerable Areas: Seek refuge indoors, staying away from windows and weak structures. Use sturdy furniture or workstations to protect against falling debris.

Navigate Open Spaces When Outdoors: If caught outside, look for open spaces away from buildings, trees, and potential threats. Drop on the ground and cover your head and neck with your hands until the shaking stops.

Mindful Avoidance of Potential Hazards: Steer clear of standing near heavy furniture, appliances, or objects prone to tipping over.

Embrace Calmness and Effective Communication: Maintain your composure throughout the seismic event, providing reassurance to individuals in your area. Establish clear communication channels to properly coordinate safety measures.

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disneyland in december


As Disneyland reopens and begins operations following the earthquake, it demonstrates the necessity of being prepared and acting quickly amid unforeseen circumstances. The park’s safety procedures, combined with the usage of tools like the Sitata Travel App, highlight the need to be informed and make proactive efforts to ensure a safe and pleasurable experience, even in the face of unforeseen problems. Sitata Travel Protection may help you improve your insurance game by providing proactive services.

Safe Travels!

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