Give Passengers The Confidence To Travel

Provide your passengers and staff with essential pre-flight information, real-time and in-destination disruption notifications, andt travel insurance to create a sense of safety and security unlike anywhere else.

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Handle constantly changing entry requirements with ease

Let us do the heavy lifting so you don't have to. We use the latest in artificial intelligence to monitor global news, social sources, and governmental announcements. That means we capture changes in travel restrictions up to 24-72 hours faster than other solutions in the industry.

New changes in restrictions

Information you can trust

8,000,234 requests this month and counting.

Our data is used by some of the largest airlines and travel management companies in the world.

Integrated with 15below for automated pre-flight communications

Our direct integration with 15below means our data can be seamlessly delivered to passengers pre-flight and in-destination across multiple channels.

Help travellers locate and book their covid test

Sitata not only helps travellers understand their COVID test requirements, but also with the booking itself. On the Sitata platform, travellers can directly book their COVID test for both their departure AND return journey within the correct timeframe.

You need a negative PCR test 72 hours prior to arrival

Protect passengers from unexpected travel disruptions

Provide your passengers with a sense of protection and security by providing real-time notifications about any type of travel disruption such as a planned protest or transportation disruption.

A protest is planned which could be blocking the route to your hotel

Generate more revneue with personalized travel insurance

No two trips are the same. With Sitata, you can provide your travellers with the ability to personalize their travel insurance benefits which can increase conversions by up to 7%.

Protect your own staff

Sitata maintains a comprehensive duty of care offering that will give your security teams the tools they need to monitor global staff safety and respond to crisis events.

Public transportation strike city-wide

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