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COVID-19 made travel complicated, but we're here to help. Plan your trip, understand the latest travel restrictions and requirements, avoid travel disruptions, connect to help when you need it, and even insurance with COVID cover. See why Sitata is your ideal travel companion for worry-free travel.

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Personalized travel insurance

No two trips are the same. With Sitata, you can personalize your travel insurance coverage to what is best for you. COVID-19 cover, extra for gadgets, full cancellation coverage, and more.

*Travel insurance available in select markets.

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Worried about changing entry requirements?

We use a combination of artificial intelligence and human analysts to track and monitor every country’s changes to entry requirements and travel restrictions. Quickly find out the rules and the moment something changes, we’ll let you know.

New changes in restrictions

Information you can trust

8,000,234 requests this month and counting.

Our data is used by some of the largest airlines and travel management companies in the world.

Here's what travellers are saying

Avoid any unexpected travel disruptions

Sitata monitors the world for any type of potential threat or travel disruption. We will instantly notify you about anything that could disrupt your travels whether it’s a flight delay, gate change, violence, transit strike, or any other type of threat.

A protest is planned which could be blocking the route to your hotel

On my last trip to Spain, I almost missed my meetings. I had no idea the city was full of protesters! They practically shut down the entire city. Thanks to Sitata, I knew exactly which areas to avoid and managed to make it to my meetings on time.

Aditya Singh - Delhi, India

Help is a single tap away

No need to dig through pages of policy wording when you need help. Sitata provides 24/7, global emergency assistance through chat, video and phone - all accessible at the tap of a button.

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Feeling unwell? Have a doctor come to you

No need to panic or wait in the emergency room. Sitata can connect you to doctors who specialize in travel medicine. Have a quick video call or chat with a medical professional. You can also schedule clinic visits or have a doctor come to your hotel.

Share your safety status with those that care

Sitata can automatically keep your friends, colleages, and loved ones aware of your safety as you travel. We’ll let them know when you land at your destination, or when your flight is delayed or cancelled, or even when you reach your accommodations.

Susan has safely reached her hotel

I use Travel Watchers to let my husband know where I am and that I'm still safe when I'm working abroad. I love it because I'm usually too busy to message.

Jen Bentner - New York, USA

Wondering where to book your covid test?

Sitata can help you find a valid clinic or laboratory and book a covid test for both your departure AND your return journey. Book before you leave to ensure you aren’t denied bording at the gate.

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You need a negative PCR test 72 hours prior to arrival

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