Ensure Your Staff Are Safe When They Travel

Improve your compliance standards and implement a powerful travel risk management program within your organization.

It’s no surprise that travel risk management and duty of care are high on any company’s list of priorities. Safety has rapidly risen to an employee’s top concern. 67% of business travelers say there is a psychological effect on them AND their families when they go to a region where they didn’t feel safe.

Keep Your Staff Safe

Duty of Care

Implementing a duty of care program within your organization is paramount so you know you have done everything possible before your staff travels.

An Ever-Changing Environment

We Know It's Overwhelming

It’s an impossible environment to control and with it comes the potential for human error which can result in a breach of duty of care, or even worse, create a damaging situation for your staff.

Experts In Emergency Preparedness

Foundations In Risk Management

Sitata’s team has its roots in emergency preparedness and understands just how complicated these types of situations can be. Our corporate travel program solves these problems and is trusted by organizations of all sizes across the globe.

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A Modern Duty Of Care Approach

Our travel safe mobile platform will help your staff and students prepare before they leave and keep track of their safety while they’re away, notifying them and travel managers back home of potential threats to their safety. Respond to emerging situations with clear communication and confidence.

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