Enhance Your Policyholders' Experience & Differentiate Your Brand.

Improve engagement, increase revenue, and delight travellers with policy integrated mobile travel tools to protect the wellbeing of your travellers anywhere in the world and showcase your brand as a leader in the market.

The competitive landscape is changing at a rapid pace. Innovative and disruptive technologies are driving the need to operate differently. Convenience and experience now dominate purchase making decisions.

Improve Customer Experience

Success In A Digital World

Leading organizations understand that it now takes much more than simply increasing sales and reducing costs to succeed. In this new world, companies have to deliver exceptional experiences, build outstanding relationships with their customers, and increase value throughout their overall offering.

Increase Engagement

Keeping Travellers Safe

Of the 1.2 billion tourists travelling the world each year, over 20% seek assistance. Staying safe and healthy is still a massive problem. Sitata helps brands establish an atmosphere of exceptional care for their travellers. Our white-labeled solutions create ongoing value, memorable experiences and a personalized service that is accessible from anywhere.

Become Proactive

Improve Your Mobile Offering

Tap into a wealth of destination specific health & safety information including medical recommendations, security briefs, emergency numbers, integrated maps and directions to an approved clinic or hospital, global assistance hot-lines, and real-time alerts and warnings help to avert travel disruptions.

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24/7 monitoring

Protect Your Policyholders

Sitata's advanced software algorithms, powered by artificial intelligence, monitor the world’s traditional and social media outlets in multiple languages to better detect health, safety, and extreme weather events in real-time. Notify travellers about much more than other limited travel advisories through multiple channels including email, SMS, and mobile app push notifications.

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Super Fast Adoption

Zero Friction Integration

A robust application programming interface (API) and software development kits (SDKs) allow you to quickly integrate a ready-made mobile solution into your own mobile applications within your own brand.

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Being prepared, informed, and well aware helps to prevent possible injury and illness, and to keep the need for travel insurance coverage 'top of mind.' Contact us and find out how we can help you with your digital innovation strategy.

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