Ensure Your Students Are Safe When They Travel

Travel risk management isn't just for corporate executives.

When an emergency occurs, you need to be able to quickly determine if any students or university employees are at risk. Universities and schools have specific challenges when it comes to addressing their duty of care obligations.

Increase Awareness

Risk Management Is A Challenge

A lack of awareness, too much focus on cost containment, and a lack of coordination among decision makers can result in a failure to address the duty of care needs for your university or school with potentially dangerous and devastating consequences.

Within Your Budget

Duty of Care For Academia

Your school must ensure that students, faculty members, staff and administrators stay safe when travelling or studying abroad. However, travel risk management does not have to be out of reach and out of budget for your organization.

Experts In Emergency Preparedness

Foundations In Risk Management

Sitata’s team has its roots in emergency preparedness and understands just how complicated these types of situations can be. Our academic travel program solves these problems and is trusted by organizations of all sizes across the globe.

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A Modern Duty Of Care Approach

Our travel safe mobile platform will help your staff and students prepare before they leave and keep track of their safety while they’re away, notifying them and travel managers back home of potential threats to their safety. Respond to emerging situations with clear communication and confidence.

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