Romantic Getaways

Written by Aneetta Peedikayil

February 13, 2023


“I have spent a lifetime waiting for the right time, now that you are near, the time is here at last.”

~ Elvis Presley.

Well, it’s never too late to pack your bags and treat your loved ones to a breathtaking location. Be it the calmness of the sea or the moist weather high up in the mountains, rest assured nature has its own different ways of creating the romantic aura that you seek in a romantic getaway.

Still, confused about which destination to pick? Sitata has got you covered! Scroll down to check out our list of recommendations to spend some of your memorable moments with your loved ones on Valentine’s day.


  • Buenos Aires, Argentina: 

If you are a person that fancies a finer taste in life, Buenos Aires might just be the place for you. From the city’s many tango bars to its fine diners, the blend of European-styled architecture and a sparkling metropolis may just give the perfect rhythm to your perfect date!


  • Porto, Portugal:

Porto offers one of the best port wines in Europe and can give you a very cozy experience if you are just looking out to warm yourself with your partner. From discovering its splendid vineyards to walking through its cobbled streets, take a moment to dip yourself in the contemporary bliss by indulging yourself in some fine wine! 


  • Cape Town, South Africa:

If you and your partner enjoy the company of wildlife, then Cape Town may just be the place to discover the many tales your furry friends have got to offer! From whales, dolphins and even penguin sightings at Boulders Beach to experiencing the exquisite wildlife at its national parks, be assured your furry friends may just be the right wingman or wing woman that you may need during your romantic trip.


  • Bali, Indonesia:

If you are a person who loves to self-indulge, then Bali may be the place for you. From sun-kissed beaches to its exquisite culture and landscape, Bali can give you and your loved one a relaxing treat if you are thinking of escaping from the stress of everyday life. What’s more, the Indonesian Rupiah is by far one of the most economic currencies in the world!


  • Misty Mountains, Australia:

If you are a person who likes to kick in some adventure during your trip, the Misty Mountains are sure to mystify your trip with its alluring rainforests, waterfalls and panoramic views. With plenty of options to hike, camp out and explore, it may just be the best place to get closer to your loved one!

Which one are you going for? Let us know!

Travellers may consider a Sitata membership which can inform them about the current COVID situation for their destination. For businesses that require a more detailed report on the respective countries, please refer to our in-depth country analysis report which is available from our support representatives.


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