Protect your staff

Protect your people and property from risks at home and abroad. Our platform enables organizations big and small to maintain their duty of care obligations while providing a travel companion they will trust and love.

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Duty of care for organizations big & small

Sitata’s platform gives you the tools and confidence you need to protect your team and your company. With Sitata your staff will always stay informed and have access to emergency assistance during critical events.

  • Humanitarian Aid
  • Oil & Gas
  • Metals and Minerals
  • Maritime
  • Financial Services
  • Textiles
  • Manufacturing
  • Consulting

Total global awareness

Sitata's operations dashboard, Radar, is used by travel managers, human resources, and security team to identify staff locations during an emergency without invading privacy.

4 travellers in high risk zones

Help is a single tap away

No need to dig through pages of policy wording when you need help. Sitata provides 24/7, global emergency assistance through chat, video and phone - all accessible at the tap of a button.

Keep your staff out of harm's way

Sitata was the first in the world to issue a warning for COVID-19 to travellers. We will keep you and your travellers up to date about any event that might disrupt their travels - from flight delays to disease outbreaks, transit strikes, or violence.

Information you can trust

8,000,234 requests this month and counting.

Our data is used by some of the largest airlines and travel management companies in the world.

Respond quickly to crisis events

Sitata will automatically help you determine who is safe, who needs help, and who is unresponsive during critical events - allowing you to save hours of phone calls and quickly identify those in need of support.

Have a doctor help your staff

Sitata can connect your staff with doctors who specialize in travel medicine. They can jump on a quick video call or have the doctor examine them from the comfort of their hotel room.

Tailored travel insurance plans

No two organizations are alike. With Sitata, we can offer specialized travel insurance to meet your organization's exact needs whether you visit Paris twice a year or make regular trips to Africa.

Handle constantly changing entry requirements with ease

Let us do the heavy lifting so you don't have to. We use the latest in artificial intelligence to monitor global news, social sources, and governmental announcements. That means we capture changes in travel restrictions up to 24-72 hours faster than other solutions in the industry.

New changes in restrictions

Help travellers locate and book their covid test

Sitata not only helps travellers understand their COVID test requirements, but also with the booking itself. On the Sitata platform, travellers can directly book their COVID test for both their departure AND return journey within the correct timeframe.

You need a negative PCR test 72 hours prior to arrival

Additional Benefits


2-way comms through SMS, group chat, and conference calls.

Travel Alerts

Threat intelligence delivered to you and your travellers.

Traveller Locator

Locate your travellers during incidents to better respond to emergencies.

24/7 Assistance

Innovative, chat-based assistance for support when travellers need it.

Access Travel Medicine Specialists

Connect with travel medicine practitioners for health concerns.

Automated Safety Check-Ins

Quickly identify those that need help during an emerging event.

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