Paris 2024 Marathon Pour Tous : First Ever Event in Olympics History Open to General Public

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Maio 15, 2024


Marking the biggest event ever organized in France, the 2024 Paris Olympics, is bound to garner massive attention globally. This time over 15 million tourists are expected to arrive in Paris during the Games, making it the centre of the world of sport. Apart from the summer Olympics, the Paralympics will also be held in the French capital. Summer Olympics will run from 26 July to 11 August, featuring 10,500 athletes competing in 329 events. While the Paralympics will commence from 28 August and conclude on 08 September, with 4,400 athletes participating in 549 events. 

More than 200 countries will be represented at the Olympics and over 184 at the Paralympics. 

While each game in itself will be a riveting treat to watch, there is one such event which is deemed as the most awaited by the Olympics fans. Referred to as the most ‘unique and inclusive’ event of all, the Paris 2024 Marathon Pour Tous, will be a mass participation marathon (MPM) open to the public. For the first time in history, a full marathon and a 10 km race will be organized to allow the diehard Olympic fans (as many as possible) to follow the same route as the marathon greats. 

Described as a unique event that goes above and beyond the boundaries of sport, the mass participation marathon is also open to people with disabilities. The event is divided into two courses, the first and the longer one is a 42-km run; and the second, shorter one is a 10-km course. Both races will be held at night on 10 August with the determined footsteps of 40,048 runners.  

A major fascinating fact about the event is its commitment to ensuring gender parity. Similar to the Olympic Games, the MPM is aiming to award the same number of race entries to both men and women. 

Key details of the 42-km run:

The marathon will commence after the men’s Olympic marathon, from the Hôtel de Ville at 21:00 hours (local time) and conclude on the the Esplanade des Invalides with 20,024 participants. Open to everyone aged 20 and above, the 42 km distance will link Paris and Versailles, as it will pass through nine cities – Paris, Boulogne-Billancourt, Sèvres, Ville d’Avray, Versailles, Viroflay, Chaville, Meudon and Issy-les-Moulineaux. The route holds special importance and is highlighted as a tribute to women. On 05 October 1789, thousands of women marched towards the palace of King Louis XVI in Versailles on this same route. 

Key details of the 10-km run:

Taking place on the same evening, the race is made accessible for all aged 16 and above by 31 December 2024 – also including participants with disability who have a specific need (like guide, wheelchair, and all-terrain chair, among others). The race will start at the Paris’ City Hall at 23:30 hours and finish at Les Invalides. Taking place in central Paris, the route will be filled with a variety of special activities organized for the 20,024 participants as well as the spectators. 

Special App and Website for the Runners:

To provide uninterrupted access to latest updates and information about the event, the Marathon Pour Tous website has been especially created for the participants. The website features latest news from the Marathon Pour Tous, training plans for the two race distances, articles dedicated to the preparation of the marathon as well as information for arrival at the race site, and much more. Making the information flow even smoother, a Marathon Pour Tous App is also designed to assist the runners in their preparation by providing them challenges and practical running content as per their requirements and distance that they aim to cover. 


The participation in the event is ‘all-inclusive’. Everyone can take part – whether they’re a professional sportsperson or an amateur. Marathon enthusiasts can register via the Marathon Pour Tous App or can visit the website. Almost 40,000 runners got selected since January 2024, by earning points by playing games and quizzes on the app.  

The Connected Marathon Pour Tous:

To be held in parallel with the MPM, this connected marathon will commence at 08:00 hours on 10 August. Participation in this marathon is made accessible through two official Connected Mass Participation Marathon Apps – The Kinomap app & the Mass Participation Marathon app. On each of these, runners will be required to run for at least 30 minutes to ensure their participation. From 13 January, connected challenges are made available on Kinomap for the participants to discover routes and prepare accordingly. All those running in this marathon will be ranked by countries to ascertain which nation has recorded the most kilometres. Group starts are also possible to allow a real community experience for the participants. 

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