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SITATA provides the most complete Entry Requirements and Travel Restrictions API available. See why some of the largest travel companies are using our data.

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Help travellers understand entry requirements

SITATA uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to monitor changes to entry requirements across hundreds of thousands of sources including news media, governmental announcements, and social media. We have a dedicated team located across three continents which operates 24/7 to validate the information.

  • Can a resident enter the country?
  • Can a foreigner enter the country?
  • Is transit allowed through the country?
  • Is a test certificate required?
  • Is a test required upon arrival?
  • Will I be quarantined?
  • Do I need insurance?
  • Which health forms are required?
  • Do I need a visa?
  • Is a vaccination required?
  • What other airline restrictions are in place?
  • What other border restrictions are in place?
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COVID-19 vaccination and travel visa required
traveller tracking
Make sure to wear a mask in public places

Show travellers what’s happening at their destination

To re-build travel confidence, entry requirement information is not enough. That’s why we track interior concerns too. Now you can help travellers understand exactly what’s happening at their desired destinations.

  • Is there a curfew in place?
  • What are the social distancing measures?
  • Is the local transportation operating?
  • Is there a required health app?
  • Are non-essential stores open?
  • Are accommodations open?
  • Are restaurants open?
  • Are bars and cafes open?
  • Are beaches and tourism sites open?
  • Are museum and heritage sites open?
  • Are places of worship open?
  • Are events allowed?
  • Are masks required in public?

Multiple Delivery Options

JSON and RESTful API for fast and easy development

Hundreds of companies big and small are relying on SITATA’s Safe to Travel rules engine. Integrate our data into your own platform quickly and easily with our API which follows Open API standards.

  • Query between points based on airports, countries, or lat/lng
  • Query based on a single country
  • Filter by type, nationality, vaccination status, and more
  • Support for 10+ languages
24/7/365 easy chat assistance
24/7/365 easy chat assistance

Increase booking conversions

Travel anxieties are caused by uncertainties. Help reduce these anxieties by giving travellers the reliable and timely information they need, and watch your booking conversions begin to grow.

Reduce the strain on your operations and customer service teams

With requirements changing daily, your teams are overloaded with concerned travellers. Our solution directly reduces your cost to operate and the imact is instantly measurable. Use our off-the-shelf widgets for a quick start and leverage our API for larger initiatives.

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Information you can trust

11,916,927 requests this month and counting.

Our data is used by some of the largest airlines and travel management companies in the world.

Integrated with 15below for automated communications

Our direct integration with 15below means our data can be seamlessly delivered to passengers pre-flight and in-destination across multiple channels. 15below’s communication platform also enables pre-flight and post-flight purchase options for travel protection plans.

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