Sitata And Travel Insured International Announce Innovation Partnership To Keep Travelers Out of Harms Way

Written by Adam

December 7, 2017


Sitata And Travel Insured International Announce Innovation Partnership To Keep Travelers Out of Harms Way

Hartford, Connecticut — Travel Insured International is pleased to announce the launch of its mobile application specifically geared toward reducing travel anxiety throughout a traveler’s trip. Not only does the Travel Insured app make buying and managing your travel protection plan easier, but they have now partnered with leading health, safety, and risk management firm, Sitata, to enhance the application with innovative health and safety services.

Through its partnership with Sitata, travelers using Travel Insured’s new service will be kept informed during their trip of any potentially disruptive events. Sitata’s advanced software systems use artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect travel-disrupting events from traditional news sources and social media. Sitata’s systems detect more than the usual governmental travel alerts and at a much faster pace. Whether it’s an incoming tropical storm, the latest disease outbreak, a violent protest down the street, or something as simple as a transit strike, all of Travel Insured’s policyholders will be notified if they’re at risk through the application and by email.

“Travel Insured is making an active investment in its services to improve our planholders’ experience when away from home. With this new offering included in each and every plan, we’re doing our best to ensure travel anxieties are kept to a minimum and now travellers can make informed, safe decisions with timely, relevant information.”

CEO of Travel Insured, John Gehris.

It’s no surprise that travel anxieties are high given recent events. High-profile terrorist attacks have been carried out in 2017 in popular tourist destinations within the United Kingdom, Spain, France, United States, Sweden, and Russia.

Through Travel Insured’s app, travelers are notified about travel disrupting events relevant to their trip in near real-time with each event highlighted on a map and additional advice for how to stay safe. There is no question about where an event is happening and what should be done.

“In the past, these types of services have been used mainly by corporate travellers due to their high cost, but our technology platform and focus on customer experience allows for quick adoption of our services in the insurance sector so that all types of travellers, corporate and leisure, can benefit and ultimately stay out of harm’s way.”

CEO of Sitata, Adam St. John.

With this level of proactive, global protection it’s not likely that travelers will find themselves in a bad situation. However, if a traveler does need help they can obtain assistance through a single tap inside the mobile application. Not only will insured travelers have the comfort of their travel protection plan, but also the reassurance that comes along with advanced global monitoring being right in their back pocket.

About Travel Insured International
Founded in 1994 by Peter Gehris, Travel Insured International is one of the leading travel insurance providers, offering the highest quality worldwide travel protection for over 20 years. Travel Insured maintains relationships with specialty travel providers and tour operators, as well as provides 24/7 customer assistance, every day of the year. In 2015, Travel Insured was acquired by Crum & Forster, whose parent company is Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd. The financial strength and core values of the companies give Travel Insured the best position in the market to continue its commitment of helping travelers protect their travel plans to travel relaxed, travel secure, and travel insured.

About Sitata
Sitata is a global health, safety, and risk management firm with headquarters in Kitchener, Canada. The company uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, and innovative mobile technologies to keep travellers safe when abroad. Their services span a variety of industries including insurance and finance, corporate and student travel, and travel medicine.

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