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We combine technology, travel assistance, and travel insurance to provide global protection and care for your business or your customers.
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Address increased travel anxieties head on

Are you a travel management company looking for a new solution to give travellers confidence? Perhaps you represent an airline struggling with pre-travel information or putting together insurance coverage for all your destinations. Maybe you need to improve your duty of care program to better protect your remote and roaming workforce.

If you’re looking for solutions to help your customers or employees travel worry-free, then you have come to the right place.


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A few examples include

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Embedded Travel Insurance

Every trip and every traveller is different. Our global travel insurance platform provides personalization for each policy sold which increases conversion rates.

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Comprehensive Duty of Care

Enhance your duty of care efforts with traveller tracking, 24/7/365 travel assistance and emergency medical and security evacuation support for your roaming and remote employees.

Parametric Payments

Our parametric payment system can automatically compensate travellers during flight delays or a lost bag while providing an ancillary revenue opportunity.

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