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SITATA provides surprising and complete travel insurance and assistance solutions for corporate and leisure travel. See how easy it is to integrate our platform and how your conversion rates will jump the moment you do.

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Our Core Products

Travel Insurance

Embedded international and domestic travel insurance products for in-path and out-of-path sales. Coverage in more than 86 countries with parametric and instant claims payouts.

International Health Insurance

Medical coverage for individuals studying or living abroad. Perfect for remote workers, students, or expatriates.

Corporate or Leisure

Sitata provides a variety of solutions to address safe travel whether that’s corporate or leisure travel; group or international; and single trips or annual plans.

Personalized travel insurance options

No two trips are the same. Sitata’s platform allows each individual policy to be personalized for each and every trip and traveller. The result? An increase in conversion rate of up to 7%.

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Stand out from the crowd

Travel insurance is the same everywhere and it does nothing to set your business apart from the crowd. With SITATA, our travel protection plans always come bundled with a customer experience that will help you differentiate from your competitors.

  • 24/7/365 Easy Chat Emergency Assistance
  • Real-time threat and disruption warnings
  • Integrated telemedicine
  • Flight delay and COVID coverage
  • Instant, digital payouts

Roaming cover for true on-demand insurance coverage

SITATA can use location signals from GPS, wifi signals, or transaction statements to automatically activate or de-activate insurance policies when your customers roam away from home.

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Fast and easy product adoption

Standard and co-created insurance products deployed through traditional or API-led and integrated digital purchase journeys means that SITATA can adapt to any of your organization’s needs.

We asked ourselves what if instead of only reacting to bad situations, your insurance actually helped you have a better journey?

With our insurance and assistance plans, your customers will receive a suite of surprising services to keep their journey smooth and worry-free.

Help is a
single tap away

No need to dig through pages of policy wording when you need help. SITATA provides 24/7, global emergency assistance through chat, video and phone – all accessible at the tap of a button.

24/7/365 easy chat assistance
travel insurance with telemedicine
A protest is planned which could be blocking the route to your hotel

Avoid any unsafe situations or unexpected travel disruptions

SITATA monitors the world using artificial intelligence and a team of risk analysts for any type of potential threat or travel disruption. We will instantly notify travellers about anything that could disrupt their journey whether it’s a flight delay, gate change, violence, transit strike, or any other type of threat.

On my last trip to Spain, I almost missed my meetings. I had no idea the city workers were protesting! They practically shut down the entire city. Thanks to Sitata, I knew exactly which areas to avoid and managed to make it to my meetings on time.

Aditya Singh – Delhi, India

Feeling unwell? Have a doctor come to you

No need to panic or wait in the emergency room. SITATA can connect travellers to doctors who specialize in travel medicine. Have a quick video call or chat with a medical professional. They can also schedule clinic visits or have a doctor come to their hotel.

travel insurance with telemedicine

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