Kurds protest across Europe against ISIL

Kurdish protesters are taking to the streets in cities all over the world. On Monday evening, groups of protesters were present in Rome, London, Vienna, and Stockholm, where protesters reportedly occupied a building at the city's international airport. Other groups gathered at the airports in Lyon and Paris, France, Brussels, Belgium, and in front of the White House in Washington, DC, USA. In Germany, protests were reported in Berlin, Cologne, Bremen, Hamburg, Goettingen and other German cities. In Frankfurt, about 500 people marched overnight from the Turkish consulate to the US consulate. Protests were reported to be peaceful.

Reports indicate there were many protests in Turkey where groups clashed with police, including the Turkish border area with Syria, Kucuk Kenderciler, Istanbul, Diyarbakir, Batman, Van, Sirnak, Sanliurfa and Hakkari.

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