Migrant crisis in Europe causes some travel disruption

Hungarian authorities have closed Keleti station, the main international railway station in Budapest, and stopped all trains travelling through the EU. About 2,000 people are outside the station and some are protesting peacefully.

In Calais, train travel between France and the UK was disrupted overnight due to migrant people on tracks and on the tops of rail cars. One Eurostar train in the Channel Tunnel stopped shortly after leaving the French side and electricity was cut. Passengers spent hours in the dark with no air conditioning or means of communication.

Thousands of migrants have arrived in Athens, Greece. Overall, 23,000 migrants arrived in Greece last week alone.

In Macedonia, migrants continue to cross the border from Greece.


The migrant crisis in Europe is not expected to create problems for travellers. However, those travelling in Europe should be aware of the migrant crisis and how it may cause travel disruption in some places. Be prepared for some border crossings to be set up in areas that were border-free prior to the migrant crisis. In particular, be prepared for travel disruption in Calais and for travel between Calais and the U.K.