Credit card insurance offers cardholders coverage for some types of travel accidents. The coverage is often included as a complimentary benefit to owning the card. However, the coverage varies widely depending on the type of card you have. The benefits of credit card travel insurance are discussed in this article.

Benefits of Credit Card Travel Insurance

Like anything, there are pros and cons to the travel insurance programs associated with credit cards. Below are a few positives to owning a credit card which includes travel insurance.

  • Cost-saving Measure: Credit card insurance is often offered for free to cardholders, providing a cost-saving measure for travellers who may not want to pay for a separate travel insurance policy.
  • Coverage for a Range of Events: Credit card travel insurance can cover a range of events that can occur while travelling, including medical emergencies, trip cancellations or interruptions, lost or stolen belongings, and more.
  • Rental Car Accidents or Roadside Assistance Coverage: Some credit card companies offer coverage for rental car accidents or roadside assistance while travelling.
  • Convenience: Credit card travel insurance is often automatically provided to cardholders who use their credit card to purchase travel arrangements, eliminating the need to buy a separate policy. 
  • Additional Perks: Some credit card companies may offer additional perks to cardholders who use their credit card to purchase travel arrangements, such as free airport lounge access or discounts on travel-related purchases. 
  • No Medical Underwriting: Unlike traditional travel insurance policies, credit card travel insurance typically does not require medical underwriting or the disclosure of pre-existing medical conditions.
  • Pre-existing Medical Conditions Coverage: A few credit card issuers cover pre-existing medical conditions. However, because they differ significantly, it is important to carefully examine the policy wording or the TnCs of credit card travel insurance.

Some credit card providers also cover rental automobile accidents and on-the-go roadside assistance.

Potential Downsides of Credit Card Travel Insurance

Because the travel insurance programs associated with cards are often included as a free benefit, the coverage of the travel insurance can be quite low. Unless your card has a high annual fee, your travel insurance might not cover as much as you think it does. It’s important to read the fine print to truly understand what types of coverages are being provided by your card. In addition, it’s possible the insurnace provided by the card will only cover you if your travel plans were purchased on the card.

To ensure adequate protection while travelling, travellers should carefully review the insurance coverage provided by their credit card and consider buying a single-trip travel insurance policy if you need to.

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Can Credit Card Insurance Replace Travel Insurance?

Although the insurance on a credit card can offer coverage for numerous situations that might arise while travelling, it likely cannot replace a whole travel insurance plan. It might not cover specific activities, such as extreme sports, or it might have lower coverage limitations. In addition, a dedicated travel insurance policy will offer coverage regardless of how the trip was paid for. As a result, it is often advised that travellers get a separate travel insurance plan in addition to any potential travel insurance offered by their credit cards.


Travellers may find credit card travel insurance to be a useful source of coverage for things like medical emergencies, trip cancellations or interruptions and lost or stolen belongings. It is crucial to remember that it might not be an adequate replacement for a comprehensive travel insurance policy, but it can be a more affordable option than buying a separate travel insurance policy. To make sure you are adequately protected when travelling, you should carefully assess your needs and the coverage provided by both the travel insurance included with your credit card and any additional travel insurance you might buy.

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